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Kemaliye (Egin), Erzincan Province, Eastern Turkey

Kemaliye (formerly named Egin) is a small town in a beautiful part of the valley of the Upper Euphrates (since the 1970s transformed into a part of the Keban Dam Lake). Until World War I it had a mixed Muslim-Armenian population. Many of Istanbul’s richest bankers came from Egin, generally choose to return after retirement, and built magnificent multi storey wooden houses in their hometown. Few places in Turkey can boast such well preserved wooden edifices. Many of Kemaliye’s mountain villages have the same character as the centre of the district and are equally attractive places to visit.

The inhabitants of Kemaliye take great pride in their historical town. In 1988 a great fire destroyed part of the centre of the town leaving dozens of official and private buildings in ashes. Since then restoration and preservation policies have been pursued actively.

Just North of the town the Euphrates winds through one of the most impressive canyons of Turkey.

Kemaliye (Egin) seen from the South