19th century sources

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19th century sources

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In this section you will find some 19th century maps

A number of 19th century archival documents, mainly from British archives, by period: 1831-1840, 1841-1850, 1851-1860, 1861-1870, 1871-1880, 1881-1890, 1891-1900, 1901-1910

There is a separate section with lists of tribes

Some links to 19th century pictures can be found on the external links page

Pictures from the following books are available on this site

H.F.B. Lynch, Armenia Travels and Studies, vol.2 (1901)

Sykes, Dar-Ul-Islam (1906)

H. Grothe, Geographische Charakterbilder (1909)

William Sachtleben (1891, 1895)

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